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Al Arens, President @ Life Enhancing Programs, LLC

@DodgeTeaches “Chuck Dodge is a very committed public speaker, consultant and seminar facilitator. His style of presenting is balanced, motivating and humorous, filled with principles that can enhance individual lives. His enthusiasm is contagious and his training is structured to help make teams blend their differences resulting in increased productivity and harmony.

I have had the pleasure of learning from Chuck while in Toastmasters. His dedication to personal responsibility is remarkable. His ability to help others discover, develop and demonstrate their uniqueness is his trademark.”

Orlando Loren Hodges @ Administrative Aide, Community Services

@DodgeTeaches “Chuck Dodge is an outstanding public orator. His presentation is warm and exciting. He inspires and reaches into the heart of the participants. I, personally have benefited from his guided and encouraging enlightenment.

Any organization or institution would significantly benefit from Chuck Dodges’ inspirational messages. His talks are food for the soul in a down home way!”

Loren M. Lewis @ Director of Career Services ITT

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inspiring, and educating not only our students and faculty but also families and friends. Your enthusiasm, and genuine concern for people is generously displayed through your workshops and guest presentations. Your words have encouraged people to enrich their lives for positive results.

At ITT Tech, we appreciate your dedication to delivering powerful, heartfelt words of wisdom that will allow individuals the tools needed to release their hidden wealth. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with you and your organization. Again, thank you for a job well done.”

Michael Hoedeman @ Taco Bell Corporation

@DodgeTeaches “In our relationship with Chuck, we are continually aware of two things. First, he comes brimming with energy, vitality and a perpetual ability to put a positive spin on your day. Furthermore, it is never just an encounter. When Chuck speaks to a group or converses individually, he empowers people to reach themselves. We all grow personally by our interactions with Chuck and look forward to each meeting.

Minesh Mody, Managing Director @ Office of Administrative Services Michigan Economic Development Corp.

“On behalf of the entire Office of Administrative Services and Legal Affairs at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, I would like to thank you for giving an excellent presentation on “Discovering Strengths”. Your presentation during our staff meeting was insightful and humorous. You presented the subject matter in a very thought provoking yet non-threatening manner.

I am glad that you were able to share your experiences with us. The feedback from the employees has been very positive. Thank you for your time.”

Jill Perry @ Vice President, Citizens Bank

#ChuckDodge “I’ve had the pleasure to work with Chuck Dodge over the last few years. He’s worked with me to create seminars for the investment sales staff at my bank. One recent seminar, “Effective Listening Skills” was especially well received.

Chuck made this presentation to our sales staff in July of 2001. This presentation lasted for about 50 minutes and was made to 35 of my co-workers. Chuck’s presentation included salient tips and suggestions on how effective listening skills can substantially improve the success of our sales staff.

I look forward to further presentations with Chuck. He is a talented speaker and is able to offer practical advice in a well-received and enthusiastic manner.

Kim A. Lowe @ Market Claim Manager, Allstate

“Thank you for your presentation, “Learning to Promote YOU.” Your message, working toward realizing your full potential, was well received by the 42 people in attendance. We also found the length of time, 30 minutes, to be right on target.

Since your presentation, I have observed teammates recognizing one another in a direct and purposeful manner. They have used very specific adjectives to describe a behavior or trait of a peer. It is truly heartwarming to see the response to this recognition from both the sender and the receiver.”

Cynthia Hatcher @ Owner of Dream It, Live It

@DodgeTeaches “I’ve known Chuck Dodge for quite a few years. I can say from a personal and professional standpoint that he is an dynamic motivational speaker as well as an sincere, transparent and honest individual. If you are looking for someone to motivate and inspire you and move you from one place to the next, Chuck is your man!”

Ronald G. Douglas @ Attorney at Law

“I am happy to respond as a reference supporting Chuck Dodge as a presenter. His speaking style is dynamic and truly motivational. His knowledge of the areas of self esteem and learning is terrific and he shows great determination to excel at what he does. My own work brings me into contact with a variety of minority groups and I feel that any of them would be put at ease and ready to learn with Chuck’s personable approach.

Chuck’s presentations would fit groups of all sizes and should improve even the most professional audience’s outlook on life. Communities would be better places if more organizations were able to send people to Chuck’s programs to improve their personal skills and ability to cope with today’s hectic world.”


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