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In 2010, I was stripped of who I was through a brain illness called Encephalitis. I lost all physical abilities, much of my memory as well as some of my cognitive function – and was given no hope of recovery. All of this began while I was working as a teacher in the war zone known as the Gaza Strip. After waking from an almost 30 day coma, and discovering the extent of my setback, I realized that I had 2 choices – resign or rebuild. I chose to rebuild.

In rebuilding, I had the gift of being able to do so with intention. It included relearning to do things I had previously taken for granted but now learned to do so with gratitude; starting with brushing my teeth, sitting up, taking a shower, walking, talking and even thinking.

Through that process, I learned what a magnificent and uncharted territory our brain is with its immense yet untapped potential and how vital it is to access my brain’s remarkable ability to restructure, reconnect and rebuild.

My mission is to educate people so they too can believe in the immense capacity of the brain-mind conspiracy to create the life they envision!

A person does not need a near death experience to learn how to transform their life. What they need is an understanding of the miraculous potential and scientific reality of the brain’s neuroplasticity, its ability to create new pathways that can, indeed, revolutionize their everyday lives.

I will forever be grateful that I was stripped of my old ways of thinking and being, and was forced to find a way to rebuild, creating a new identity, and in doing so, discovered immeasurably more than I ever thought possible!

This is my story.


“Be the author of your own story
and write yourself a LEGEND!”

We decide that nothing can change, and throw up our hands in numb despair. We lose a piece of our souls by teaching ourselves just how not to care. But Christ would have gone to the cross just to save one child from being lost.

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BIO #LindaTodd
I have been asking God “what is my message?” and he answered with this: ​ Eph 3:20-21 (NIV) “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen” Linda Todd is a follower of Jesus who has a front row seat to just what exactly “immeasurably more” means! She hopes you will find hope and encouragement as she shares both the miraculous and the mundane that God has walked her through. Her adventures in travel have given her a chance to meet people on the other side of the world. Get excited as you hear her joy for the miracles given in her own life by the One who continues to give her a story to write. We have each been given our own story. We don’t need to wonder about anyone else’s. Focus on the path set out before YOU and see what a legend God has in store for you! ​Linda has explored other cultures, beliefs, and world views. She has traveled to the Middle East and found that even though her story led to her some dark and unknown places, and even when it seemed the last chapter was being written, God has more yet for her to write! Nothing is impossible! She has an extensive background in public speaking, presenting, and stand up comedy. Her approach is refreshing, easy to listen to and easy to understand. Hear an authentic message from a REAL person! In 2010, when Linda was in the Gaza Strip for the second time, she became gravely ill. Her doctors concluded that it was encephalitis, which attacks the brain and sepsis, which attacks the whole body system. After suffering multi-organ failure and respiratory arrest, she was transported, in a coma, from Gaza to a hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, where doctors still had no expectation that she would survive. She was in a coma for almost three weeks but finally woke up! When she awoke, nothing worked anymore. She couldn’t move, speak or even think properly. Again, no one had any expectation for her recovery. It was a victory to even sit up in bed without falling over. Gradually, Linda learned to walk, think and speak again. She regained the use of her arms and hands as well. Now she is fully recovered and her story continues still! She has a message of faith, hope and miracles that she has been given to share. You don’t have to have been in a coma to think your story has come to an end. Get ready to know that our Storyteller is not finished yet. He has SO much more for you to write, so…….


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The Double Win

“To the degree that you give people what they want, they will give you what you want… The Secret Life of Wonder Woman.” - Linda Todd

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“To educate people so they too can believe in the immense capacity of the brain-mind conspiracy to create the life they envision”

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Linda Todd is an Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach committed to helping people create the abundant life they deserve… “Neuroplasticity”!

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