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      Discover, Develop, Display

      Making The Connection is dedicated to helping individuals release potential that has lain dormant. It is our conviction that every human being is divinely endowed with special gifts - one’s own unique music.

      It is the music that Oliver Wendall Holmes, the great supreme court justice and philosopher, refers to in his quote - “One of the greatest tragedies in our times is that most people die with their music still in them.”

      There are three steps for personal effectiveness: Discover, Develop, and Display your talent.

      • Discovering our talent includes looking at our life experience, activities we enjoy doing, and our personal success. What are we passionate about or what could we be passionate about?
      • Developing our talent includes being a life-long learner. We use the DiSC personal profile to assist in understanding our strengths and creating an environment that allows us to be most effective.
      • Displaying our talent allows us to create the life that matters most to us.

      This site will provide valuable resources for your personal growth.

      Enjoy - Chuck Dodge